Friday, February 04, 2005

What's New: Papergasm!

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I was checking site statistics, and found an unusual link to the Bookstand - Stationery page from a LiveJournal entry:

martexx writes:

"Attention cranberryink and anyone else who is all gaga about office supplies...where, other than the Container Store (which I love, love, love) can I look at some really stylin' desk accessories? Like letter trays and clear desk pads and vertical sorters and stuff?"

cranberrylink replies:

"Russell + Hazel is great and my personal favorite. This site also has some cool links."

To which martexx replies:

"Oh my god, some of the stuff on that second site. *papergasm*"

If martexx is out there, she'd see new causes for papergasm on the Bookstand - Stationery page:

Compendium, Inc., featuring Extraordinary Greetings, which open not only once, but twice, to reveal an inspirational quotation on paper that's the size of a poster. While inspirational message have become cliche, the two-color posters and type faces are strictly modern. I found Extraordinary Greetings at the shop at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Extraordinary Greetings

Mara-Mi, a Minneapolis-based company that licenses the designs of handbag and accessories designer Lulu Guinness (froufrou) and ceramist-turned-design mogul Jonathan Adler (modern).

Nouvelles Images, a French company whose products include Fold 'n Please, a postcard with a flap that folds over and seals to conceal your message - and please, no jokes about French postcards :-) I found Nouvelles Images at Whole Foods Market - its store in Vienna, Virginia features a wide selection of cards and non-food items in its middle aisles.

Fold'n'Please postcard featuring sketches by Rodin

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