Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Introducing FYLO Cosmetics

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FYLO (For Your Lips Only) Cosmetics is a new cosmetics line based in my hometown of Saint Louis, Missouri. It features "lip cubicles" that you can fill with your choice of "lip cubes" containing lip color, lip gloss, or lip treatment. You may select from 28 different lip colors, 12 lip glosses, 12 mini lip pencils, and a lip treatment. Colors, glosses, and lip treatment are all formulated with essential oils.

The regular sized cubicle (shown here in the "Flowers" design) may be filled with four lip cubes and two lip pencils.

The Urban Cowgirl mini cubicle may be filled with two lip cubes of your selction.

The box of FYLO products that I received was stamped "Confidential" and "For Your Lips Only." The cubicles came wrapped in little organza drawstring bags. The cubicle and interchangeable cube concept is a new and modular approach to customizing one's lip palette. Cubes are gently pushed into the cubicle; the cubes may be removed by popping them out with the end of the mini lip brush that comes with the cubicle. I'm wearing the Fantasia lip gloss (lavender shade, with lavender essential oil) as I write this, and I find that it's very emollient, but not slick in its feel.

Lip cubes are $8 apiece, lip pencils are $7 apiece, the regular size cubicle is $14, and the mini cubicle is $10. A portion of profits go to organizations serving children. You may check out the full range of products via FYLO's web site at www.fylocosmetics.com.

FYLO is now listed on our Cosmetics page.

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