Saturday, April 16, 2005

April 2005: What's New in Beauty - Boots No 7

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Boots puts £5m to promote No 7 range overhaul - Boots is the UK's major drugstore chain and is everywhere as pervasive in the UK as Walgreen's and CVS are in the US. Boots has even established stores overseas (I spotted Boots in Bangkok). Lucky magazine's editor-in-chief, Kim France, is quoted as saying "I could find an excuse to go into this drugstore every day" in the article on shopping in London from the April 2005 issue of Lucky. I putzed around at Boots everyday while I was in London and Oxford - it's probably the novelty of seeing products you don't find in the US. The referenced article is about Boots's overhaul of its No7 cosmetics line, which is marking its 70th anniversary.

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