Saturday, April 16, 2005

April 2005: What's New in Beauty - Webby nominees for Beauty sites announced

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The Cosmetic Site published an article Webby nominees for Beauty & Cosmetics listed. The Webby Awards recognizes the best in websites. This is the first year that beauty and cosmetic businesses can compete for the Webby awards. Among the nominees is the web site for Jouer Cosmetics. Jouer states that its colors work for all women, and to prove its claim, the web site features an interactive makeover with four women: a blonde, a Hispanic, an Asian, and a woman of African descent.

Jouer's interactive makeover

The Jouer Cosmetics website certainly deserves its Webby award nomination. The Style Page reviewed Jouer's products in its December 12, 2004 entry on this web log. Since that review, I've come to appreciate that I can apply Jouer's products on the run: a tiny mirror is included in the container and no implements are needed - just use your fingers. Right now, I'm wanting Jouer's Velvet (charcoal gray with shimmer) and Peridot (soft shimmering olive) cream eyeshadows.

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Anonymous said...

I want to contest to the naming of the African-American woman as "black". You choose to name every other race by their decent so why do you subject her into a generalized category of"black". As a woman of color, I find this very offensive and suggest the wording is corrected.