Sunday, April 24, 2005

A Mary Kay beauty consultant questions my comments on the Webby awards site

The Style Page received this email from a Mary Kay beauty consultant concerning the comments on Jouer Cosmetics's web site that I entered on the Webby Awards web site:

"I saw your comment on your webby nomination. Just out of curiosity, why didn't you say those exact same things about the Mary Kay site? Did you check it out and compare? You should. Thanks."

To which I wrote back:

"I am very impressed by the interactive makeover tools that the Mary Kay company provides to its beauty advisors.

I voted for the Jouer Cosmetics site, as its side-by-side makeovers for women of different complexions demonstrate Jouer's claim that its colors work for all women. I also use Jouer Cosmetics - I like the product and both the concept and execution of its customizable palette. For more, please visit my blog entry, April 2005: What's New in Beauty - Webby nominees for Beauty sites announced."

Direct sales is not my favorite way of purchasing cosmetics or any other products, for that matter. The Style Page lists only the corporate site for direct sales companies such as Mary Kay and Avon, and will not list web site for individual sales consultants.

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