Monday, June 20, 2005

Converting trash into bags

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In this post, The Style Page highlights three companies that recycle unusual materials to create handbags.

John of The Candy Blog told me about Ecoist, which recycles candy wrappers, food packages, and soft drink labels to make coin purses, clutches, and totes. Above is the Small Tote. For every bag sold, Ecoist plants a tree in partnership with Global Releaf.

Through Breathe magazine's e-newsletter, I learned about Escama, which has partnered with women's cooperatives in Brazil to create bags crocheted from nylon thread and recycled aluminum tabs. Above is the Chica Rosa bag.

Vy&Elle create handbags from recycled billboard vinyl. Above is the Town Traveler bag.

Other companies that use novel materials for bags include Freitag (recycled truck tarpaulins), G3 Relative Art (dried gourds), and Stewart+Brown (surplus materials from Patagonia). Find these labels and many more on our Bags and Luggage page.

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