Thursday, June 16, 2005

Check out the new Fashion pages


Greetings all,

After a loooooooooooong hiatus, I finally got around to updating the Fashion pages on The Style Page.

The Style Page's long hiatus - Chia keyboard

By clicking on Fashion, you'll see the new web page design, courtesy of Tamara Parisio of SandDollar Cosmetics - grooming, pampering and primping products designed with legend-inspiring ingredients and properties to spread peace and goodwill in your world. The new web page design more closely resembles The Style Page blog. Eventually, all pages on the site will have the same look. You'll also see that I created a RSS feed just for Fashion that includes news on Fashion and new links on the fashion pages - 25 new links for Bags and Luggage alone!

Many stores and mail order catalogues are now holding sales on summer merchandise. Check out the 150 merchants and 1,500 brands represented on, shop your favorites, and then track your packages through Bloglines - find out how through the Fashion home page!

Coming soon - novel materials for handbags

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