Wednesday, June 29, 2005

(Web site) Housekeeping and Updates for Home and Design


Greetings - I have just updated the Home and Design pages on The Style Page, using the new web page design provided by Tamara Parisio of SandDollar Cosmetics. Next, I will update the Bookstand pages using the new design - then, all pages will have a consistent look.

I've created a new subdirectory Home for all the Home and Design pages, but that created some challenges. Existing pages on the main directory have already been indexed by search engines, so I couldn't merely blow them away - I replaced content with a short message redirecting users to the related page on the subdirectory: at the same time, I sent a request to Google to crawl the subdirectory. Also, I had to upload all pages on the web site, as the web site navigation bar in the left column is automatically generated through the navigation structure I set up in Microsoft FrontPage 2002: if I left the navigation bar "as is" for other pages, users would not be directed to the new subdirectory.

Lastly, I've created a RSS news feed just for the home:

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