Wednesday, June 29, 2005

VOV: The Style Page seeks your help!

Here are two inquiries about VOV, an Asian makeup line, which I have received via Email :

from India:

"...just heard about VOV Cosmetics
from a Friend of mine and had a search about

The website is completely in Chinese/Japanese/Korean
language which i don't know.

I wanted to know about the VOV Cosmetics Outlets,
particulary in India if so.

Please do help me out.

Waiting for the reply

Take care"

from Australia:

"Hi, I am searching for a VOV hi tech lip gloss that I purchased a little while ago and the shop has since closed down the colour is a beige honey colour and the bottom of the gloss has a number BE3 which I assume is the colour"

If you can provide answers, please respond by adding your comments to the blog, and I will respond by Email.


Anonymous said...

yes you get it in india
in mumbai,bandra
check any cosmetic store

Anonymous said...

Hey.. you get VOV stuff almost anywhere... In Pune, try the cosmetics store at Adlabs..

Also, the website is in Russian.. You also query Google to Translate the page...