Friday, October 07, 2005

Cars and Stripes

I am instantly drawn to stripes, and this article CARS AND STRIPES from Design Within Reach's DWR Design Notes tries to verbalize the appeal and significance of stripes.

The author writes, "Once you take notice, you realize that stripes are ubiquitous in the environment. My earliest recollections of stripes come from childhood, and they're all joyful: funny socks, Dr. Seuss hats, summer beach towels and surf mats."

Perhaps that explains why I'm drawn to multi-colored stripes, as on pajamas. They are so cheerful.

The author continues, "If you doubt that they carry meaning and cultural significance, consider flags generally and the flag proposed for the European Union in 2001 by Rem Koolhaas; it was an attempt to combine the spirit of many nations through stripes."

How could this author cite the hyperkinetic proposed EU flag (which wasn't adopted; instead, the EU adopted a more sober flag with a circle of gold stars on a dark blue background) and ignore the Stars and Stripes? Out of snobbery?

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