Saturday, October 08, 2005

Clark Sorensen's unique flower shaped urinals

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Clark Sorensen is a San Francisco-based ceramic and glass artist. While he creates brightly colored porcelain and glass tableware, he has created a sensation with his flower shaped functioning urinals.

Red hibiscus urinal by Clark Sorensen

If I were a man, I'd be unnerved by answering nature's call in the red hibiscus urinal above, with the staminal column and stamens pointing right back! Clark noted, "There is a marked difference in reaction to my pieces between genders. Most guys think they are great, it takes women a little longer to warm up to them." Hmmm ...

You can see more of Clark's flower shaped urinals and other work at his web site, which you can find via our Ceramics, porcelain, and glass page on The Style Page web site.

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