Friday, April 18, 2008

Natural Beauty inspired by Carmindy

Carmindy - love her hair, love her earrings, love her eyes, love this photo!

If I tune in to TLC's What Not to Wear, it's for the last half hour when Nick Arrojo and Carmindy work their magic. I find Clinton Kelly bland, and quite frankly, Stacy London irritates me. I don't sense compassion and caring on Clinton and Stacy's part for their subjects. In one espisode, the subject wept because she couldn't believe that she could look this good. Stacy's reaction was so feigned and smarmy that I've tuned her out. The "Fab Five" of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy or Trinny and Susannah, for that matter, would not have been that insincere.

Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy

Carmindy has now teamed up with Sally Hansen, best known for its nail products, for a complete line of colour cosmetics called Natural Beauty Inspired By Carmindy. First, a caveat: "Natural Beauty" more accurately refers to the look favored by Carmindy, rather than to the cosmetics, which contain synthetic ingredients in addition to natural ingredients. Regardless, I was pleased with the two products from Natural Beauty Inspired By Carmindy I sampled:

Color Comfort Lipcolor in Adobe - A cream lipstick with a soft, not slick, finish.

Sheerest Cream Bronzer in Miami Glow - this feels more slick than the Suki Pure Natural Creme Stain. It indeed is sheer and as with cream blushes and bronzers, melds with the skin. Even my husband sees something different when I wear cream blushes and bronzers. He says that I look great, although he can't pinpoint what makes me look so good.

Does this brand have legs? Sally Hansen had a color cosmetics line called Healing Beauty that was discontinued 2 years ago. By and large, users didn't like Healing Beauty products. From what I've read on MakeupAlley, Natural Beauty Inspired By Carmindy has had good user reviews. I suspect, however, that Natural Beauty Inspired By Carmindy will last only as long as TLC's What Not to Wear is shown on TV.


Nicole said...

I think you're right in saying, in so few words, that it's all based off Carmindy's fame. The line looks interesting enough, similar to the packaging and idea of Physician's Formula Organic Wear, only minus the fact that Sally Hansen's isn't really organic.

It looks interesting and I've hovered over the displays a few times now, but I've yet to buy anything.

I love Carmindy though, she's gorgeous! It's interesting how most people she makes up wind up looking like she's applied her own makeup on them... like that same glowy look that she has. That's good though!

Anonymous said...

Really isn't anything natural about Natural Beauty...I tried it...its like Covergirl or Maybelline...only more expensive...

Anonymous said...

Actually I met Carmindy at an Ulta in Houston where she was doing makeovers with her new line. She is super cool and showed me how to use her products and that she indeed developed the whole line for Sally Hansen. They are all paraben-free and have natural botanicals. Never did they say it was all organic. The foundation, cream blush, bamboo loose powder and eye shadows are so incredible that i threw out my chalky heavy Nars and Chanel stuff.

Anonymous said...

I dont' usually use use much foundation. Well, I don't even have any, but was loooking at her line if you want to call it that, and thought well if anyone should know foundation it should be Carmindy. She wears enough of it, and since she's got tons of freckles that you can't see when you look at her. Do you? no. I thought it might work well without cakiness. She's fully covered. She's not wearing her product. I took it back. No coverage, I could really go on. Took back the primer. When used with foundation it's much worse than used alone with perhaps some powder. I took it all back. I don't know what I was thinkig in purchasing them, her little brush dance at her intro makes me sick, she is really full of herself. Makeup line? Get over yourself Carmindy on this one.

Anonymous said...

If Carmindy went without makeup no one would even recognize her, nor would they want to. There is natural beauty, those who wear very little makeup and look gorgeous or without any and they are still hot. That is natural beauty. Carmindy only takes her makeup off for bed, the bamb, sunrise, and a good hour of application. She is good, but if you saw the two, her made up, and her not? You may actually gag. She is only hot if she is wearing it, and she sadly knows it. She is a self absorbed, fake, actress, insincere makeup whore. People who think she is just sooooooo sweet, etc. What do you think she's going to act like? If she showed her real personality the only people still watching would have to be as affected and self absorbed as her. Wake up people, normal people don't fill their books with tons of shots of themself. That is her call I guarantee, and others have said the same. I'll bet her house and walls are covered in pictures of her, and a great big painting of her either over her bed or the mantel. look at her pics. her skin. flawless.
she has redish skin with freckles covering it, THAT is how much makeup she is really wearihg.
Nick got the boot, someone needs to give it to her as well, and I can tell you right where you can put it.