Friday, July 07, 2006

We've updated our Bookstand pages


We have just completed an update of our Bookstand on The Style Page web site.

On our Books page, check out links for America's BookShelf, which allows readers to purchase recycled books at a flat price of $3.50 per book, and Who Reads What?, the effort of a retired librarian from Gardiner Public Library in Maine to collect book titles read by public figures.

punctuation flats from paper+cup design
These punctuation flat notes from paper+cup design would be cute with the punctuation bookmarks from bob's your uncle

On our Stationery page, check out links for organizing systems such as Captio and Family Facts, fun stuff from ATYPYK and bob's your uncle, and stationery from lovelydesign and paper+cup design (the last two found through Domino).

At the same time, check out our linkrolls, which are always being updated, and shop for books, magazine subscriptions, and much, much more.

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