Sunday, March 05, 2006

Now tag this! Part 2

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Web pages aren't the only pages that can be tagged. Here are a couple of clever ways of marking pages in printed publications that I've found:

move forward sticky notes from Compendium Inc. This collection features 75 bookmarks for each of this headings: fyi. to do. priority. bravo. Compendium, Inc. also features bookmark assortments for be creative (imagine. dream. plan. create.) and have fun (go. see. do. enjoy.). You can buy these bookmarks from Compendium, Inc.'s eStore or at your local Franklin Covey store (consult our Stationery page for links).

Compendium, Inc. was previously featured in the entry What's New: Papergasm! on this blog.

punctuation pagemarks from bob's your uncle offer a lot of possibilities for marking pages for reference: for example, you could tag an extended amount of text using the opening and closing quotation marks or tag a part of a text you don't understand with the question mark tag.

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