Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Cool Hunting: Kshocolât


Here's an example of packaging being better than the contents: after reading the review of Kshocolât in Cool Hunting, I was excited to find Kshocolât at a shop at Heathrow Airport during a layover from a recent overseas trip (more about that later). I bought four tins - Chilli Almonds in Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut in Dark Chocolate, and Candied Oranges in Dark Chocolate - and one bar of Dark Chocolate with Orange and Cardamon.

All were disappointing - the chocolate is dry (despite that the fact that I ate the chocolate well in advance of the expiry date on the pakcage) and has no mouth feel. True, the Chilli Almonds in Milk Chocolate have a nice after-burn from the pepper, but I was expecting a blend of flavors such as that found in the Mexican specialty mole (pronounced mo-lay). I could detect no orange or cardamon seeds in the bar of Dark Chocolate with Orange and Cardamon.
The best stuff from Kshocolât wasn't chocolate at all, but Turkish delight flavored with rose and lemon essences.
Far better were the discs of marzipan and marmalade coated in chocolate from Danish chocolatier Anthon Berg. I tried the varieties with apricot brandy marmalade and cherry rum marmalade, and yes, you can taste the liquor. These chocolates remind me of Pim's, the soft cookies with fruit filling coated in chocolate.

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