Friday, September 22, 2006

ThisNext - Blog - Interview: Julie of The Syle Page

Aunt Beep interviews The Style Page for ThisNext:
At ThisNext we can’t get enough of bloggers with a mission, and Julie of The Style Page (ThisNext profile: thestylepage) is no exception. Her quest is simple, she’s “obsessed with finding the perfect olive green eyeshadow; Cadbury mini-eggs and JBz chocolate candies; and glass bead jewelry.”

Fair enough, dear blogger. Fair enough.

Check out her worldly shopcasts on everything from mouth-watering marzipan to goth candle sticks to Sitar music then read on to see why she roams the isles of CVS and why she loves animated flicks…

Read more of the interview and learn more about my eclectic interests.

Also, Kristopher Dukes picked up on my shopcast for Constant Color Gel Eyeliner in Nightfall in her article A Pinch Goth, A Touch Glam: Black Makeup.

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