Monday, March 10, 2008

More mineral madness

When I went to Target last week, I was surprised to see Bare Escentuals kits at the end of the aisle. I shouldn't have been surprised. Target always strives to be up-to-moment, with its tie-ups with various designers. As for Leslie Blodgett (as she's the CEO and face of Bare Escentuals, I'll target her), she never misses an opportunity to push her product, whether it's through TV ads, half hour informercials, QVC, Sephora, Ulta, or Bare Escentuals boutiques.

My previous article Mineral Madness struck a chord with readers. Girl-Woman-Beauty-Brains-Blog commended me on the article. I was surprised, however, to receive messages from founders of startup beauty lines who were glad that someone had finally called out companies on claims about mineral cosmetics.

Ruthie Malloy of Illuminaré Cosmetics wrote, "Most women are judging mineral makeup brands by which is most “pure”, or which doesn’t have parabens or bismuth oxychloride and yet they totally are missing the most important feature and benefit that mineral makeup should provide," namely sunscreen. While Bare Escentuals' bareMinerals has obtained the seal of the Skin Cancer Foundation for being rated SPF 15 (another brilliant marketing ploy by Leslie Blodgett), it's hard to believe that a light dusting of its powder foundation will provide adequate sun protection.

Jennifer Bradley of Goddessy Rx wrote, "I am so happy to hear that someone is finally mentioning how the mineral makeup companies are using the terms 'mineral' and 'all natural' in such liberal terms. These companies are merely scamming the average consumer with this marketing ploy. Talc, of all things, is for one, an all natural occurring mineral. It is not even toxic, as many of these companies claim!" Indeed. Talc has been used in cosmetics safely for years.

Both Ruthie and Jennifer make excellent points. Be skeptical about the claims for mineral makeup, know your ingredients, and recognize that "mineral" is just another marketing construct.


Tapupartforpres said...

I found this exact product here.

Crave Beauty Care Products and Makeup

cdrum30 said...

I am in the middle of creating an all natural cosmetic line (, and I have run into the same thing. So many companies are creating these products for the wrong reason-to make money. It's sad. However, with popularity comes copies....

Anonymous said...

While some might think talc is a harmless ingredient merely because it naturally occurs (many dangers fall under this category); it is also deadly to an asthmatic and in fact, is not good for anyone's lungs. Not safe to be dusting around your face and certainly not for babies' bottoms either. It is nothing more than a cheap filler.