Thursday, March 06, 2008

Makeup lessons from Di Kennedy - Updated

Di Kennedy has excellent detailed lessons online on Color Theory and Smoky Eye Technique.

I wholeheartedly agree with Di that:

In make up we need to consider the context of the colour we are using and take all factors into account. Clothing, hair colour, eye colour, surroundings, season, lighting, the list is endless are all part of the context of our colour choices when applying make up. How a colour is perceived is dependent on the context.

However, I'm not smitten with the emphasis that the face charts give to selecting colours on the basis of eye colour. In addition to the factors that Di cited, complexion (fair to deep) and skin undertones (warm, cool, or neutral) matter much more than eye colour.

Here's a photo from Di's web site of Australian beauty queen Sabrina Houssami wearing the classic smoky eye:

Sabrina Houssami

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Di Kennedy said...

Hi! Thanks for the write up and feedback on the colour charts. I do agree with skincare being a factor in colour selection but I guess I glossed over it, because so many sites use that is the only fasctor for colour selection (ie the whole cool v's warm theme), I wanted to offer something else.

I do plan to update the information and offer it through Blossom's site, once I have converted it to a printable pdf, as there are so many gals wanting the information.

Thanks also for a fabulous blog.

Di Kennedy