Thursday, March 20, 2008


After Ruthie Malloy of Illuminare Cosmetics wrote to me concerning my article on Mineral Madness, I was curious to try her products. I sent off for the 3 Foundation Formulas in 3 Middle Shades - Introductory Pack of 9, All Day Eye Color Trial Kit, and the Fast Application Pad.

Top: 3 Foundation Formulas in 3 Middle Shades - Introductory Pack of 9
Bottom: All Day Eye Color Trial Kit

Illuminare is described as 'liquid mineral makeup." The selling point is that these products are rated SPF 21. The sunscreen is provided by minerals such as titanium oxide and zinc oxide that provide a physical barrier to solar rays.

Actually, the consistency is thicker than liquid - it's more like cream. Illuminare is certainly the most opaque makeup that I've ever used, but that's the point, as it provides a physical sunscreen. It will take me time to get used to the coverage. I used the Portofino Porcelain shade for my light complexion, applying it with the flocked Fast Application Pad.

I found the Latte eye color shade too light for me, but Cafe Latte was great as an eye shadow base. Precision is needed to use the middle shades in the crease - you'll want to use brushes here. I found the middle shades too dark for the crease. One can mix these shades with Latte, Perla Blanca, or Perla Rossa to lighten them. Nonetheless, I wish that Illuminare would create shade variations between Cafe Latte and the middle shades for the crease.

My favorite Illuminare eye color is Espresso, as it's the sort of brown-black I like for creating the smoky eye look; moreover, it creates a thick line. I'll be a repeat customer for this one.

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