Monday, March 31, 2008

The Three Graces

I'm amused by the post by Beauty Addict about the cover of the April 2008 issue of Vanity Fair and comments on the post.

They totally don't see that this cover is modeled after paintings of The Three Graces. No, I am not talking about The Graces, the short-lived band that featured Charlotte Caffey of the Go-Gos, Gia Ciambotti, and Meredith Brooks (whose song Bitch was prominently featured in the Mel Gibson-Helen Hunt movie What Women Want). I'm talking about The Three Graces, goddesses from Greek mythology. Here is the depiction of The Three Graces from Boticelli's Primavera:

Now tell me if you can't see the similarities.


Retainer Girl said...

Good point. I didn't pick up on that until I read your post. However, I don't appreciate that Amy Poehler is touching Tina Fey's breast. I didn't see that pose in the original painting. I think it just reinforces that silly stereotype that women have pillow fights in their bikini underwhere during sleepovers, etc.

Retainer Girl said...

I meant underwear.