Monday, October 20, 2008

CARGO Essential Eyeshadow Palette

CARGO Essential Eyeshadow Palette

Cargo Daily Gloss and CARGO's ColorCards™ are two of the most ridiculous cosmetics gimmicks: both are products that monetize items that were freely available. Bottled water, anyone? But hey, that's marketing.

CARGO Essential Eyeshadow Palette, however, is a gimmick I support. The palettes come in Cool/Neutral, Warm/Neutral, and Deep/Neutral and each of the four shades in a palette is embossed with its function/use.

As Linda Wells's book Allure: Confessions of a Beauty Editor notes, there's a brown eye shadow for every woman. Taupey shades suit women with cool undertones, while golden browns suit women with warm undertones. CARGO Essential Eyeshadow Palettes provide basic eye shadows for every woman.

These CARGO palettes reminded me of Look Cosmetics, a brand that was exclusive to Barneys, but lasted only a couple of years at best, back in the 90s. Look featured graduated tones in both warm and cool shades; however, the eye shadows were sold as singles. Now that was a great concept.

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