Friday, October 16, 2009

An interview with makeup artist Robert Jones

Lately, I've been taking advice from Robert Jones's book Makeup Makeovers, after purchasing lip glosses from the Robert Jones Signature Collection from 3 Custom Color Specialists.

Makeup Makeovers

In Makeup Makeovers, you won't find jaw-dropping makeovers of celebrities and famous models that show off the talent, or in the case of the late Kevyn Aucoin, genius, of the makeup artist. What you'll find is great advice about selecting shades and applying makeup. You'll find out why Jones recommends that women with dark skin tones swatch foundation shades on their cheek, as opposed to their jawline. You'll see his carefully edited collection of 13 eye shadows, from which you can select shades suitable for any skin tone.

Robert Jones
I do my homework before I interview makeup artists and entrepreneurs. After reading Makeup Makeovers, I worked with Tess of 3CC to arrange an interview with Robert Jones, and here are his replies to questions I posed to him.

1. Let’s review your biography. You’re from Texas. You demonstrated talent for art, and then moved on to theater. It was a logical move to get involved in makeup. Growing up in a family of women also fostered your interest in makeup. I find it interesting that two other makeup artists [Sam Fine and Matin Maulawizada] whom I’ve interviewed also said that growing up in a family of women fostered their interest in makeup. What more would you like to share with our readers about your background and career as a makeup artist?

I have worked with so many beautiful women in my career (celebrities, model, the girl next door) and am always inspired by how makeup can boost their confidence and bring out their true beauty. Let’s face it, it is a lot of fun!!!!!
2. How did you enter into partnership with Three Custom Color Specialists (3CC) to create the Robert Jones Signature Collection of blushers and lip glosses? Trae said that either people approach them with an idea, or that 3CC might approach someone with an idea that they’d like to work on.

I felt there was a lack in what I was wanting in glosses and blushes, having heard of 3CC and what they can do, I went to them for help in realizing my vision. Trae liked what we created and asked if they could launch a small collection.
3. Your book Makeup Makeovers presents a well-edited collection of 13 eye shadows that serves the gamut of skin tones. You already have a line of makeup brushes sold through robert jones beauty. Would you launch this eye shadow collection, perhaps in partnership with 3CC?

Yes would love to!

4. Makeup Makeovers states that you split your time between Dallas (The Big D) and New York City (The Big Apple). Are you still commuting between the two cities?

Yes I am still commuting, trying to travel less and less, but it is just part of my job!
5. Texas, and The Big D in particular, had been known for beauty queens and big hair. Are Texan ideals of fashion and beauty becoming more like those in New York?

No Dallas is definitely [its] own world! If I were to compare it style wise I would compare it to LA more than NY! But Dallas (Texas) definitely has some of the most beautiful women because they definitely love glamour!
[I asked this question as many Texan retailers have been absorbed into larger companies or have gone out of business altogether. Dillard’s acquired Joske’s over 20 years ago. Macy’s ultimately absorbed Foley’s. Frost Bros. has gone out of business, as has Sakowitz.]

6. What differences in fashion and beauty ideals might still remain between Texas and New York?

The biggest difference is in Texas women glam up to go to the grocery store and in NY they are not as concerned about it daily. But I can tell you from living in NY city it is hard to get from one place to the next looking good, where in Texas you just get in a car and go!
7. In Makeup Makeovers, the oval face is the aesthetic ideal. Creating the semblance of an oval face is the objective in the makeovers in the book. Some might object to singling out one face shape as the aesthetic ideal. To them, all face shapes are fine. How do you respond to these objections?

I am not trying to say every face shape is not beautiful! My favorite face shape is square! BUT the human eye is drawn to certain proportions (oval) so every face shape can look its most beautiful by softening certain areas.

8. While highlighting and contouring are great for the photographs in your books, is the sculpted look viable for daytime?

Definitely it looks completely natural and works for daytime when done correctly.
9. Your process for contouring is involved. It involves a true shade foundation, a foundation one shade lighter, and a foundation one shade deeper. For a woman heading out the door to work in the morning, this is too much effort. Later in the book, you state that bronzer can be used for contouring. What should a woman look for in a bronzer so that it doesn’t look muddy or orangey?

It should be matte, absolutely no shimmer! If you are ivory look for one more flesh toned, beige should be more brown tanned toned.
10. What are your upcoming projects?

Possibly a new book and some exciting new collaborations.

11. Are there any parting thoughts about makeup and beauty that you would like to share with our readers?

Just remember all women are beautiful, the right makeup shades and techniques just bring out that beauty!!!! Love who you are today and every day!!!!

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