Monday, October 26, 2009

Worst recent magazine covers

Fashion magazine covers. You can't avoid them. You see them at the supermarket and drugstore checkouts: the placement is called "point of purchase."

Here are my selections as the worst magazine covers of recent months:

Victoria Beckham on the cover of the October 2009 issue of Elle.
From Red Carpet Fashion Awards.

Victoria Beckham in Hussein Chalayan for the October 2009 issue of Elle. It looks like she has Mickey Mouse ears on her boobs!

Elle didn't post this picture on its cover shoot story: wonder why?

Scarlett Johannson on the cover of the November 2009 issue of Glamour

Scarlett Johannson is beautiful, and her new red hair suits her. I like her red hair better than the platinum blonde that she wears in the ads for Dolce & Gabbana Cosmetics.

So what's wrong with this cover? It's more suitable for the cover of Playboy, as Scarlett looks like she's pulling down her tee to cover her nether regions (for all I know, she might be wearing a thong underneath). Playboy covers are often hidden from view, but anyone can see the Glamour cover as they go through checkout!


Faye said...

I have to agree that the Elle cover was not a very good one,I am not a fan of Victoria Beckham and def not of the dress she is wearing! I do love Scarlett's new hair though!

Julie said...

Dear Faye,

Given that you're based in the UK, you're probably sick and tired of Victoria Beckham's relentness self-promotion.

PS I've added Pretty Head - UK Make Up Reviews to Blogs I Follow on my Blogger profile.

Faye said...

Hey Julie,

You are so right, to be honest though now she's in the US we don't have to hear about her as much as we used to, she's more of a national joke than a national treasure! And I still refuse to believe that she is pretty!

And thank you so much, I am new to all this blogging stuff and I get far too distracted reading other people's blogs than doing my own!

Julie said...

Hi Faye -

Victoria Beckham (then Victoria Adams) was pretty as a Spice Girl in the 90s.

Becks has had a mediocre career ever since he arrived in the US. This seems to be another case of being famous just for being famous.