Thursday, February 09, 2006

Renée Davide Handbags

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Renée Davide is a new line of handbags from the sister-brother team of Renee and Davide LaTulippe. Renée handles sales and marketing from her home base in Tuscany, Italy, while Davide focuses on design and fabrication in New York City. Their handbags feature classic shapes, Italian leather, and European linen with a twist: the fabric is embellished with embroidery featuring their whimsical designs.

Here are Renée Davide’s most popular designs:

The Signature Satchel, featuring the flamingo logo that has become the Renée Davide signature

The “Catsanova” wristlet

The Style Page is delighted to announce that Renée Davide is offering a 15% discount any of their regular priced handbags (which also include totes, day bags, and clutches). To take advantage of this offer, visit their online shop at and enter discount code StylePage15 in the comments section on checkout.

(NOTE: Your discount will not show up at checkout, but will be taken when your order is actually processed).

This promotion is in effect until Saturday, April 8, 2006. We will repost this message periodically to remind you about this offer.

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