Friday, February 17, 2006

Libraries and linkrolls

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a small sample from the The Penguin Classics Library

The Style Page has completed an update of our Bookstand pages.

On our Books page, we've added links for information about several important collections of literature: Penguin Classics (see above), Library of America, the Loeb Classical Library, and the Portable Harvard Classics, which is one person's labor of love to put every book into plain text for loading onto PDAs. Plenty of books for a lifetime of reading!

I've also added a link to the Poetry Archive, which features online recordings of poets reading their own poetry. The Poetry Archive was featured in the New York Times article The Poet's Voice Online.

Lastly, I've added linkrolls to the Books, Media, and Stationery web pages using the utility in That means that each web page will direct you to topically relevant articles on this blog.

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