Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Tagging now complete on The Style Page blog


I've liked how some bloggers "tag" or assign their entries to different categories, but didn't know how to tag using Blogger. By searching Blogger help, I found out how to add tags.

You can now find entries on The Style Page blog with particular tags by visiting our Technorati profile or features a comprehensive list of tags and also provides customized RSS feeds for entries with particular tags. That way you can subscribe to only the topics that interest you.

I've gone NUTS with tagging! Although I said that I wouldn't tag all entries, I have indeed tagged all 100+ entries ... and even embellished archived entries with pictures. You might enjoy browsing the archives to see our new additions.

Check out the linkroll I created for the Books page! Also see the tagroll I created for this blog ... just scroll down the sidebar to My tags.

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