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Ethnic rugs from

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The Style Page is about more than fashion and beauty – we also have a major portion of our web site devoted to the home and design. is a recent addition to our page on carpets and floor coverings. and Hazaad West on eBay are online shops run by John Geer. John grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico and one might assume that his interest would be in Native American rugs – Navajo rugs and Zapotec rugs, which are emerging as a more affordable alternative to Navajo rugs. John decided however to focus on other forms of weaving that are constantly reforming and reinventing themselves.

Hazaad focuses on Kazakh, Dhurrie, and Gebbeh rugs.

Kazakhs are pile rugs that have their origins in the nomadic people of the southern Caucasus, between the Black and the Caspian Sea. These rugs are characterized by their intricate geometric patterns and bold colors.

Detail of Kazakh rug

Dhurries are flat weave rugs that have their origins in India, and are completely reversible.

3’x5’ Refreshing Dhurrie with Southwestern Influences from West on eBay

Gebbehs are the least known of the three types of rugs sold by These were originally intended for the personal use of the weavers. These long pile rugs are characterized by their spare geometric patterns.

5' x 7' Gabbeh from

Ethnic rugs help unify furniture pieces in a space. They particularly look great on hardwood floors and under glass-topped dining tables and coffee tables. One thing that I've learned is that rugs that look garish on the racks can look surprisingly subtle on a hardwood floor. Make sure that the store has a good return policy so that you can see how a rug looks in your home - offers a 6-week return policy.

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