Saturday, January 24, 2009

Simply pass it up

CoverGirl Simply Ageless Anti-Aging Foundation

The marketing campaign for CoverGirl Simply Ageless Anti-Aging Foundationicon features Ellen DeGeneres, whose signing as a spokesmodel has been the most hyped of anyone whom I recall recently: the first openly gay model to sign! Ellen, with her blond hair and blue eyes, is actually a throwback to the bad old days when CoverGirl promoted that beauty ideal with the likes of Cheryl Tiegs, Cybill Shepherd, and Christie Brinkley.

Enough about Ellen. What about Simply Ageless? It's described as makeup with Olay Regenerist (was this an intended pun?) serum mixed in. Cream foundation is not my favorite type of makeup to begin with, and even though this makeup is intended for mature women, it is excessively matte and drying.

At $13.99 (Walgreen's sells it for $15.99), it's more expensive than other CoverGirl offerings. Simply pass up Simply Ageless.


Anonymous said...

It's so refreshing to see honest reviews on a beauty blog. I really enjoy reading your posts, keep 'em coming!

Retainer Girl said...

I had hoped this would be a wonderfully creamy foundation to help my winter skin, but I've read only negative reviews of this makeup. Too bad. I would love to buy more Cover Girl products to show my appreciation for their spokeswomen: Queen Latifah, Ellen and Drew Barrymore, all of whom I appreciate, but the only worthy product I've tried has been LashBlast (which, admittedly, is wonderful.)