Saturday, June 06, 2009

P&G to pull Max Factor from the U.S.

I was stunned - and saddened - to learn that P&G is discontinuing sale of Max Factor in the U.S.

Stunned, because P&G seemed to be investing so much into the brand, by hiring Gisele to be the face of Max Factor and heavily promoting its Extreme Lash Plumper and Vivid Impact Lipstick (which I think is very good), particularly through TotalBeauty.

Saddened, because we are losing a truly iconic brand. I do not use the term iconic lightly - it's overused.

Business is business, however. P&G is pulling Max Factor from the U.S. because of poor sales. It's probably the same reason that distribution of Max Factor was limited to Wal-Mart and a few other outlets (Ulta), but not to the Big Three of drugstore chains: CVS, Walgreen's, and Rite-Aid.

I agree with SF Beauty Examiner Mira Torres that tastes have changed. Women no longer want the full coverage of Pan-Stik and Pan-Face. Then, as Ms. Torres rightly points out,

Max Factor's downfall may be that it tried to stay "hollywood glamour," even if the term "Hollywood" (with the train-wreck tabloids and and reality world mayhem) has become kind of a joke.

As for me, I had to reproduce this image of Elizabeth Taylor advertising Pan-Stik that graced Ms. Torres's article:
Elizabeth Taylor for Max Factor's Pan-Stik
This is Liz from the 50s: pixie cut; dramatic, arched eyebrows, and painted lips. Now many, including my husband, might see Elizabeth Taylor as the ultimate train-wreck (multiple marriages, her friendship with Michael Jackson), but she's kept people fascinated for well over 60 years: no mean feat.

If anyone epitomized the "Hollywood Glamour" that Max Factor promoted, it's Liz.


Makeup Mama said...

Oh no! They discountinued it here in Canada quite a few years back and now I won't even be able to make my quick trips over the border to find it :( That's really surprising to me.

Caramel Diva said...

Thanks for following my blog Julie!!!
I love your blog.

I was so upset/disappointed to hear about max factor. I love their mascaras.