Monday, June 15, 2009

Vivesana organic sun care

Vivesana Suncare
Vivesana calls itself "the planet's first 100% natural, 70% organic high performance and baby sunscreen." It seeks to blend safe, sustainable ingredients with style.

Vivesana provides:

* the first 70% organic baby and high performance sun care on the market.
* the first 100% natural sun care with strong protection SPF (40 & 42)
* the first sun care - as far as it knows - to use exclusively US-grown organics and domestic, sustainable, BPA-free packaging.

Its products include Solar to Polar Baby and Solar to Polar Ultra sunscreens.

It's no surprise that the active ingredients in Vivesana sun care were titanium dioxide and zinc oxide minerals, both barrier sunscreens. Plant oils and extracts are "carrier" ingredients.

Be prepared: Vivesana sunscreens are as thick as ointment. Its sunscreens are packaged in metal squeeze tubes, which are less common, as companies move to plastic squeeze tubes.

Some might not like the thick consistency and the white cover that Vivesana provides. However, for those people who have sensitive skin and/or who want an organic, natural product that performs and has style, then Vivesana is a very good choice.


Marsha said...

I have been using these products since March (live in South Florida where its been summer for quite a while now). Although the sunscreen is thick, alittle goes go a long way and leaves your skin very moisturized. They also have a wonderful light smell.

Karla S. said...

I agree and I do love how it moisturizes well beyond application. I tend to have dry skin usually will have to reapply at least twice daily. Not with this product.