Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Update to Beauty pages


I've recently completed an update of the Beauty pages on The Style Page website. I've added links for 30 cosmetics brands, including prestige brands such as Giorgio Armani Beauty and Chantecaille and various niche brands, to our already exhaustive list on the Cosmetics page.

Here's a nice letter I received via Email concerning the web site:
thanks to your website I was finally able to find a website for rumiko the makeup artist and RMK the company

I totally appreciate your online resources on 'the style page'
I look forward to checking out the rest of your website and links.

Here's a quote from "Candeecake", in response to the question "any fashion/beauty magazines you read online regularly? do share!" posed on CozyCot, a beauty discussion forum based in Asia (scroll down to Candeecake, 07/07/2005)

I've this bookmark but haven't browse all the sites listed inside yet.

I've added brands including Roger&Gallet and Claus Porto (both famous for their soaps), cult fragrance brand IUNX, Barcelona Bath and Body, and Skin Milk to the Fragrance page.

I've extended the use of linkrolls to the Beauty pages, and already the linkrolls are driving traffic to this blog. Remember, you can use tags to create your own RSS feeds for blog articles relevant to your particular interests, for example Beauty Cosmetics.

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