Saturday, August 23, 2008

UTILIKILTS! How would you style your outfit?

Last week, when I was in Seattle, I visited the UTILIKILTS store near Pioneer Square. Utilikilts have gotten a lot of media attention. These are kilts for men, but instead of plaid tartan kilts, these kilts come in utilitarian fabrics such as cotton twill, denim, and heavy canvas, such as that used by Carhartt. Utilikilts also feature a lot of cargo pockets and other features.

Workman's Utilikilt

Utilikilts aren't designed for women, although women do buy them and wear them. Utilikilts are cut straight, so you have to wear them low on your hips. What would you style around a Utilikilt?

Oh, and BTW the Utilikilts store doesn't have any dressing rooms. The salesman (OK, I can use gender-specific language) told me to wrap and fasten the Utilikilt over my jeans and then "drop trou"! Hoot mon!


Retainer Girl said...

I fully support anything that makes men look more like Scottish men.

The Style Page said...

Yeah, but I'd prefer not to look at their legs. Fortunately, Utilikilts sells above-the-knee stockings.