Friday, March 24, 2006

Skin Milk

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Skin Milk is a line of products for the bath, body, and face that is formulated with milk proteins and vitamins and designed to soothe and comfort. Products are packaged in containers that look like milk jugs. The theme of comfort is carried on by the vanilla fragrance of the products. Facial and body scrubs are formulated with almond meal and oatmeal, so they are as gentle as they come. The Skin Milk web site lists books to read (something that I appreciate, as I’ve covered books on both this blog and The Style Page web site) while soaking in the tub and hosts a discussion forum called the Comfort Corner.

Skin Milk Foaming Bath

Skin Milk products are value-priced at less than $6.00. The Style Page especially likes Skin Milk Foaming Bath, followed by Skin Milk Body Lotion, which the Skin Milk web site suggests warming on low in the microwave and then massaging on the skin.

Skin Milk is available at major supermarket and drugstore chains, or through (free shipping for purchases over $25 for new customers now through April 30, 2006).

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