Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Now tag this! UPDATED 2006-03-07


I've expanded the use of linkrolls (see here and here about linkrolls) to include noteworthy articles from sources other than this blog.

Check out our Books page for noteworthy features on poetry that I've discovered recently.

Check out our Cosmetics page for Beauty Addict's post A Sure Sign of the Apocalypse on her blog.

I've also date-tagged (2005, 2006) promotions and web site updates using calendar date formats (YYYY, YYYY-MM, YYYY-MM-DD) specified in ISO 8601 - Numeric representation of dates and time.

If you have any articles you wish to refer to me for use in the linkrolls, tag them "for:thestylepage" (sans quotatation marks) in addition to any tags in del.icio.us that you use.

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