Thursday, June 01, 2006

Tom Ford Estée Lauder Collection :: Azurée :: now online

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The much-hyped Tom Ford Estée Lauder collection Azurée is now online. As with his previous Youth Dew collection, Tom Ford researched the archives of Estée Lauder and reinterpreted another classic. There are three different color palettes: Azurée (peach and coral), Cap Bronzée (sand, amber, and bronze), and St. Tropée (mauve, violet, and plum). Ford describes the Azurée collection as "a collection for the woman whose fantasy takes her away to sexy, remote beaches" - Whew!

Tom Ford Estée Lauder Collection Azurée
Tom Ford Estée Lauder Collection Azurée

While it was hard to come by the makeup for the Youth Dew collection - it wasn't available from or and was available at only select stores - you may purchase items from the Azurée collection from

Beauty Addict has a review of the Azurée collection in her May 30, 2006 post That Long Weekend Glow. I swear, I didn't copy that quote by Tom Ford from her article - she and I picked that quote independently!

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