Friday, June 09, 2006

Real Simple Organizing Products :

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These days, it's not enough to be a print magazine. A magazine must have a Web presence. Some are even getting their own TV shows and branded products.

Time Warner's Real Simple has a Web site, its own TV show on PBS, and now branded products.

I'm a sucker for gimmicks for organizing my desk - see my past articles on the File-It Calendar, bookmark flags, and Pro-Con pads - so I was curious to check out the new line of Real Simple Organizing Products.

Project box
Project box

I found many of the products overpriced, rather cheesy, and/or more gimmicky than useful. I did, however, like the Dual Notebook, which is two spiral-bound notebooks in one. I use one side for capturing ideas related to my job and the other side for capturing ideas not related to my work (including The Style Page). I also like the Project Box. I use the individual file boxes for storing ideas for different parts of The Style Page.

You may find Real Simple Organizing Products at Target stores.

What do you think of the organizing products branded by Real Simple? Vote at Quimble.

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