Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The fun Gus is having with you

"But Gus the gardener’s left now and you went with him, too
The fungus there reminds me of the fun Gus is having with you" - Garden of Love

Could a breakthrough in treating dandruff be far off? Scientists at P&G Complete Genome Sequence of Fungus Responsible for Dandruff, Skin Disorders (a really gross picture of the fungus Malassezia globosa may be seen by selecting this link).

The opening paragraph from this Reuters article Dandruff's genes sequenced is graphic enough:

First, researchers grew enough fungus to give dandruff to 10 million people. Next, they sequenced its genes. Then they found out that not only does an icky fungus live on your head and cause dandruff-- but it could be having sex. On your head. Right now.

This fungus had been discovered to reproduce sexually. According to the article, 10 liters of this fungus is enough for 10 million people.

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