Friday, May 09, 2008

One thing you should never buy as a Mother's Day gift

From Five things you should never buy as a Mother's Day gift: Lotions

Lotions. Yes, we know you think it's sweet to buy us lotions because women like to doll up and smell purdy with soft, luscious glowing skin. But what we think when we open this gift is, "I know I don't shower every day, but are you trying to tell me something?"

Exception: A slightly overpriced but exquisite lotion that a mom only purchases on special occasions.

It's not smelling bad that's at issue. Fragrance is very personal, and I wouldn't recommend buying fragrance unless you know that your Mom has a signature fragrance: in that case, it's OK to buy products such as lotion (!), bath gel or oil, etc. in that fragrance so that your mother can layer fragrances.

On the other hand, you couldn't go wrong with this:

Choix scentless perfume

Or could you? ;-)

Choix scentless perfume was selling like hotcakes at Selfridge's in the UK.

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