Friday, July 25, 2008

Revlon seeks to re-energize itself

Revlon no longer creates excitement among consumers like myself who prowl the aisles of drugstores and big box retailers for reasonably priced cosmetics. L'Oreal is the clear winner among mass market brands - I love its True Match makeup and the limited edition eyeshadow palettes that are part of L'Oreal's frequent collections. I am also fond of L'Oreal HIP lip color - in the traditional wand packaging, squeeze tubes, and pots - and its unique flavor, which I characterize as something like creme brulee.

Now Revlon is trying to re-create excitement for the brand. As other beauty bloggers have noted, Gucci Westman, formerly of Lancome, has joined Revlon as its Artistic Director. Revlon has signed Elle McPherson and Oscar winner (Best Supporting Actress, A Beautiful Mind, 2001) Jennifer Connelly as new spokesmodels. It has already rolled out ads featuring Jessica Alba.

Elle McPherson

Elle McPherson might have a killer bod (a tad too masculine for my liking), but I don't think that she has a particularly beautiful face - too angular and mannish. Admittedly, her new bangs soften her look.

Jennifer Connelly - retro done right

As for Jennifer Connelly, she is a great choice. Can you imagine how great she might look in the red lipsticks for which Revlon is famous? Or in eye shadows that make her intense blue eyes pop?

Time will tell if these new developments will re-energize Revlon as a brand. Revlon should also develop a new visual image for its displays and get away from the soft focus look that has characterize its displays.

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