Thursday, July 10, 2008

Beauty on HSN

Eyes By Design™

TV shopping networks (QVC, HSN) are so tawdry. The products these networks peddle are tawdry and the chit-chat and banter are irritating. However, I'll be watching the debut of Eyes By Design™ on HSN this week.

Eyes By Design™ is a new venture between HSN and BeautyBank, a division of The Estee Lauder Companies. BeautyBank creates brands that are sold outside traditional department stores. BeautyBank is the brains behind Flirt!, American Beauty, good skin, and grassroots brands at Kohl's. Given my fondness for Flirt! and some American Beauty products, I'm hoping that Eyes By Design™ will be as good.


On the other hand, I won't be watching the IMAN Global Chic event on HSN this week. Iman will be debuting her third(!) cosmetics imprint, after Iman and i-iman, this Saturday. If it's anything like the cheesy Global Chic accessories she peddles on HSN, I'll pass it up. One item that Iman offers through Global Chic is a cheap knockoff of the ring that David Bowie gave her on their 15th wedding anniversary: she and the show host giggled about how the original ring came from "Fred" whose last name they wouldn't say - no doubt Fred Leighton.

I give Iman high marks as an entrepreneur (as I say, she's the biggest success story to come out of Somalia), but Global Chic undermines my perception of her "classiness."

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