Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'm a sinner, I'm a saint ...

Lipstick Queen is a brand founded by Poppy King, who previously had her eponymous line and then, after her Poppy line collapsed, joined Prescriptives as its creative director.

Poppy King

As with her former line Poppy, Lipstick Queen is limited to lip color. Poppy King describes her Sinner lipsticks as "opaque, rich and creamy with a matte yet silky finish" and her Saint lipsticks as "The sheerest, moistest, most serene lipsticks you have ever tried."

I tested lipsticks in both Sinner Rust and Saint Rust at the Soft Surroundings store in St. Louis, after the saleswoman told me that warm tones suited my complexion than cool tones and dissuaded me from wine or berry shades.

Sinner Rust was very matte, but not "creamy" or "silky," as Poppy King described. I found the matte lipsticks very dry. I prefer lipsticks that are between cream and matte, with some luster.

Saint Rust is more a lip stain, and therefore not sheer. It is a little more creamy that other lip stains I've tried (Laura Mercier, Underground by Rimmel).

These lipsticks do not match Poppy King's descriptions. Still, I like the Saint lipstick, but I'd be reluctant to shell out $20. I'd pass on the Sinner lipsticks.

UPDATE: The JC Report interviews Poppy King. She says, in words surprising for a beauty entrepreneur, " Feminine is a construct, whereas female is a fact ... To be in fashion right now means to understand the difference between feminine and female and to get the balance right: too feminine and we are back in the submission of the '50s, too confrontational and it becomes '80s power woman. ... Perhaps if Hillary Clinton had got this sense of female right it may have turned out differently for her."

It is not surprising that Poppy King would comment on politics: in Australia, she was part of the Australian Republican Movement.

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