Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Black Cherry

While many beauty bloggers are MAC fanatics (Temptalia is the foremost example), I am not. Frankly, the outré presentations for its frequent collections are a turnoff.

That said, I think that MAC's lipsticks are some of the best on the market. I'm craving a few lip colors in MAC's latest collection Cult of Cherry: lipstick in Crème Cerise (sheer yellow taupe) and Mattene lipstick in Kirsch (blackened cranberry), Bing (blackened eggplant), and Chock-ful (blackened brown). The descriptions sound scary, but the shades, as represented on the web site, look beautiful.

Cherries Noir collection from Laura Mercier

UPDATE Laura Mercier has come out with her own collection Cherries Noir.


Nicole said...

I agree with you on the lack of MAC lovin'... they aren't really my favorite cup of tea either. I like a few of their staple items, like the Fluidline gel eyeliners and a few lippies. Oh, and the Blot Powder is good too.

Retainer Girl said...

I've yet to find a MAC product that works for me, but their collection selection is gorgeous, I keep trying. This new Cherry collection is definitely calling my name...