Wednesday, August 06, 2008

At last ...

Beauty companies have us salivating about products long before those products actually hit the stores.

Kaleidoscope Eye Kit from Le Metier de Beaute
The Style Page is obsessed with eye shadow palettes!

I've written about Le Metier de Beaute several times, after its lip glosses were featured in InStyle. The full line became available from Needless Markup in May of this year.

I've raved about Jouer even more times: in fact, I'm wearing its Peridot cream eyeshadow today. After Jouer's fire sale (60% off) on, I began to question if it was still in business. For months now, Jouer's website has had a placeholder for an upcoming "Custom Luxury Collection." Now, at last, the Custom Luxury Collection will debut at NYC's Henri Bendel store on Fifth Avenue on August 7. I hope that online shopping will be available in the very near future - the tease has gone on too long!

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