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The Style Page interview with Jemma Kidd

Jemma Kidd
1. Your book Jemma Kidd Make-up Masterclass: Beauty Bible of Professional Techniques and Wearable Looks discusses the founding of the Jemma Kidd Make-up School and your three make-up lines: The Jemma Kidd Make-up School, Jemma Kidd PRO, and most recently, JK Jemma Kidd for Target Beauty. What your book doesn’t tell us is how and why you became a make-up artist. What inspired you?

I grew up around modeling and had always been creative and found myself watching the make-up artists behind the scenes wanting to know their secrets. I felt at home backstage – the vibe, the buzz, the people – I just loved it!

2. How did you learn your craft?

I started out in the industry as a model, but I was never really comfortable in the limelight – unlike my little sister Jodie! When I discovered what it was like being on the other end of the make-up brush, I knew I'd found the right career. I was lucky to work as an assistant to make-up supremo Mary Greenwell for five years and was then spotted by Premier Hair and Make Up Agency and taken on their books in 1999. Since then I've worked with leading fashion designers, photographers and a host of prestigious magazines, including American and British Vogue, Vanity Fair and Elle. In 2003 I founded an academy in London to train professional make-up artists and to offer a range of make-up workshops for women of all ages. I have also created three distinctive make-up ranges – Jemma Kidd Make Up School (launched 2005), Jemma Kidd PRO (launched 2008) and JK Jemma Kidd (launched 2008) – which are sold throughout the UK and US as well as in Australia and Hong Kong .

3. Target has carried your JK Jemma Kidd line (along with Petra Strand’s Pixi and Napoleon Perdis’s NP Set) for over three years now. That is a testament to its popularity and longevity. How were you approached to start your JK Jemma Kidd line for Target Beauty in the first place?

My signature Jemma Kidd Make Up School range was retailing in Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus stores when I was first approached by Target to design an exciting new line for them. Target’s concept for the make-up line was “Design for All”; high quality make-up at affordable prices. The JK Jemma Kidd line was inspired by my love of fashion, runway style and colour. The collection fuses hi-fashion, statement colour and runway glamour with professional performance, bringing the catwalk to the sidewalk without breaking the bank. I loved the idea of creating designer products at high street prices and making on-trend beauty accessible to all. Having my brand stocked by a retail giant like Target is a dream come true.

4. JK Jemma Kidd is a departure from your two other make-up lines. It is characterized by “high fashion, statement color, and runway glamour.” How does JK Jemma Kidd complement Pixi and NP Set?

The JK Jemma Kidd line lets women experiment with color. There are always a lot of on-trend colors in the collection, such as Hi-Design Eye Color in Trend and Stylized; vibrant blues and greens are huge trends for fall 2011. We’re constantly adding new colors to the line.

JK Jemma Kidd Hi Design Eye Color for Target Beauty

4. You are the mother of twins – a boy and a girl – who were born in January 2010. How has becoming a mother changed your involvement with the Jemma Kidd Make-up School and your three make-up lines?

I love my career and am lucky to have a great team of people around me who help make it possible to combine such a busy work and family life – and keep them both running smoothly! However for me, family comes first. Ever since my twins were born I’ve slowed down in terms of career commitments and have started working part time. At Jemma Kidd we promote flexible working hours which is ideal for people with young families.

5. What is your beauty routine? What products do you use to achieve your look?

Good skincare and make-up can improve the appearance of your complexion and help mask any problems, but healthy habits will make your skin glow naturally. I always try to eat well, drink lots of fresh fruit/veg juices, sleep for at least eight hours per night (which is incredibly difficult with twin toddlers!), get plenty of exercise and party in moderation. I’m a firm believer that beauty really does come from within so nutrition is key. I use my JK Jemma Kidd Ultra Plush Mascara and Mannequin Skin Complexion Enhancer are my ‘can’t live without’ beauty essentials. I also always have a couple of prototypes of new products I’m trying out in my make-up bag too.

6. What might we expect next from Jemma Kidd?

My head is constantly buzzing with ideas and projects; my team and I are already dreaming up new products for 2012 and beyond. I’m really excited about visiting Scottsdale in Phoenix in October to promote Target’s redesigned beauty department there. I’ll be providing make-up tips, touch-ups, and showcasing new products so make sure you pop along and say hello!

7. Are there any parting thoughts about make-up and beauty that you would like to share with our readers?

Beauty comes in many different forms – innocence, porcelain skin, babies bottoms! I think imperfections can be very beautiful too.

The Style Page would like to thank Stephanie of LaForce + Stevens, which represents Target Beauty, for arranging this interview with Jemma Kidd.

Postscript:  Jemma Kidd has become Beauty Ambassador for Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend. She has also established the Jemma Kidd VISIONfund to help prevent and eliminate trachoma, a bacterial infection that can lead to blindness.  For updates, follow Jemma Kidd Make Up School on Facebook.

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