Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday roundup - February 15, 2008

Here are articles from Friends (listed on my blogroll) that caught my eye:

Makeup artist Christoper Drummond sets aside blogging on beauty to share how a chance encounter made him count his blessings.


Ondo Lady blogs on the book Top Tips for Girls, which sounds kind of like Hints from Heloise.

Sarah Bellum of The Beauty Brains blogs on the truly weird: Realdolls, which are life-size, anatomically correct dolls with interchangeable features such as faces and tongues (tell Gene Simmons), and the men who love them.

I make no bones about the fact that I'm a fan of Paula Begoun. If that makes me an "aging conservative," so be it. In spite of that, or perhaps because of that, I love the name of this blog: If Blue Eyeshadow's Illegal, I Should Be In Prison.

Lastly, Mischo Beauty, a fellow resident of the DC Metro area, has had the very pricy ($250) Natura Bisse Diamond Cream on her wish list and asks, What's on your beauty "wish list"?

Oh My! Blush: too cute

Here's what's on my list:

  • Oh My! Blush from French company Arcancil: I'm not into girly girl, but I love the compact and fluffy puff. Anyone going to France soon?

  • The launch of Le Métier de Beauté: the lip colors and eye shadows look beautiful.

  • The launch of the custom luxury collection, whatever that's supposed to be, from Jouer. I've been a big fan of Jouer (see my past posts) and its interlocking palettes that enable one to customize their palettes.

  • World Girl eye shadow palette in Rosetta Stone from MakeupMania - the Pomegranate Wine shade is tantalizing. MakeupMania has been online for ten years, and its look hasn't changed significantly over that time. It's still fun to browse for unusual products such as mascara in a squeeze tube (of the kind used for dispensing ointment) and inexpensive cosmetics from La Femme.

  • SAÚDE PELE luminizer from Christopher's eponymous makeup line Christopher Drummond Beauty, another projected launch.
Sigh. How long will these companies tease us with projected launches?

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The Apprentice said...

Thanks for linking to me! Didn't know anyone actually read that thing...

(I find Paula's reviews very helpful, but I have to read past her bias...sparkles and blue things are GOOD)