Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Candy Paint from Carol's Daughter

In my review of Trish McEvoy's Be Prepared Pink Compact, I promised a subsequent post on Candy Paint lip gloss from Carol's Daughter. Carol's Daughter is a line of bath, body, hair, and skin care products founded by Lisa Price (she's Carol's Daughter). Products are formulated with plant oils. I want to try Carol's Daughter Leave-in Conditioner in Khoret Amen, after reading Beauty Addict's review - I love woodsy scents.

Candy Paint lip gloss is the first foray that Carol's Daughter is making into color. As with other Carol's Daughter products, it's formulated with plant oils - a little natural peppermint oil for flavor makes it taste like butter mints.

Sugah Glaze is a clear gloss with shimmer (I hate the name, however, it's as phony as the accent that Oprah adopted when she told the audience why she was supporting Obama over Hillary), Park Avenue Pink is a pink that's not cloying or precious, and Hot Mocha is a deep brown.

A portion of the proceeds of sales of Candy Paint go to the Lupus Foundation of America. Lupus is an autoimmune disorder that affects African Americans, Hispanics/Latinos, Asians, and Native Americans disproportionately. One of my classmates in college had lupus flares that forced her to drop out two semesters: because of the lockstep nature of the engineering program in which we were enrolled, she effectively lost two years of college. So I understand what lupus can do. It's a worthy cause that Carol's Daughter is supporting.

You may find Carol's Daughter Candy Paint at Sephora.com.

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Retainer Girl said...

Oooh. I'm starting to see Carol's Daughter pop up more and more. I really want to try this line.