Friday, February 22, 2008

Changes to The Style Page blog

I had installed the Talkr MP3 player so that you can listen to articles on The Style Page as well as read them, but I removed it, as my computer became infected shortly thereafter. I can't establish casuality between installing Talkr and my computer getting infected, but I wasn't going to take any risks.

I also removed banners for,,, and on the sidebar, as these banners were being replaced by teasers for T&A vidoes and ads such as "your online privacy might be at risk" and "you might have already won." I am continuing to use text links, however.

I purchased and installed an entire suite of security software from McAfee, but that didn't solve the problem. Then, as I was starting Firefox (my preferred browser), there was a popup window alerting me about the new Yahoo! toolbar. As Yahoo! is a trusted source (It also hosts my web site), I went ahead and downloaded the toolbar. After installing the toolbar, I ran the anti-spy software from there. Problem solved! Go figure ...

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Rachel said...

Awesome, great to see someone branching out into other areas :)