Saturday, February 02, 2008


I'm loving this brand of affordable cosmetics, especially for its eye-popping selection of eyeshadows ($5 singles, $7 trios).

NYX is actively courting the Hispanic market by engaging Mexican singer/telenovela actress Maite Perroni as its "face." (Similarly, MAC had a limited edition lipstick Rubia designed for la chica dorada de Mexico "The Golden Girl of Mexico"Paulina Rubio). But its marketing shouldn't dissuade non-Hispanics from sampling NYX. Although I have a light complexion and I have a strictly European background, I love sampling cosmetics from lines such as Iman, which are targeted to "women of color." I've always regarded "women of color" strictly as a marketing construct. We are all women of color!

NYX is available through Ulta and various beauty outlets.

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