Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday roundup - February 22, 2008

Notable activity from friends of The Style Page:

Soul-Piercing Reflections presents lists of natural ingredients that are good for you and those that should be avoided. Bottom line: if it's aromatic and stings or burns on skin contact, avoid it.

The Beauty Brains is taking pre-orders for their book. I'm expecting Paula Begoun with an attitude.

Scandalous Beauty raves about Flirt! Cosmetics (also a favorite of mine), available exclusively at Kohl's. She even identifies which Flirt! eye shadows are duplicates of those offered by MAC. That shouldn't be surprising, as both Flirt! and MAC are owned by Estee Lauder companies.

Finally, i♥makeup, lover of Indian-themed beauty, recognizes me for alerting her to this fragrance:

KENZO AMOUR "Indian Holi" eau de perfum

It's inspired by Holi, the springtime festival of colors.

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