Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Lunar New Year!

Today (January 23) is Lunar New Year. While the Chinese New Year (this year is the Year of the Dragon) or Spring Festival is best known, Lunar New Year is celebrated as Seollal in Korea and Tet in Vietnam.

I joked with my Indian family and friends that there are so many different New Years in India that we can renew our New Year resolutions again and again.  One friend responded, "Very Happy New Year. Well, still we have some long stretches between May and September, when we do not get any excuse to celebrate and re-re-resolve new resolutions."

I'm using Lunar New Year as an opportunity (or excuse) to renew the resolutions I made on January 1 and have already broken.  My next opportunity: Nowruz (March 20).

Happy Lunar New Year to our friends in Asia and other friends who celebrate Lunar New Year! :-)


Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

Thank you for the New Year wishes. I appreciate that you called it Lunar NY :) I try to avoid resolutions as I can't keep them lol

The Style Page said...

There are so many variants of Lunar New Year in Asia that it wouldn't be fair just to call it Chinese New Year.